28 & 29 July 2023
Theatre Royal Stratford East

Written by Guleraana Mir 
Directed by Katie Greenall 

A story about a building, about Stratford, about London, about people like us. 

 It is 1993, it is 2023, it is 2043.  

The world continues to spin on its axis. People fall in and out of each other’s orbit. Places evolve. Stories are told, retold, and reclaimed. Words are spoken, hurt is felt. Choices are celebrated, or demonised. Curses are broken, systems are challenged. Life goes on. 

here, here, here is written by Guleraana Mir, inspired by the 2023/24 Stratford East Young Company. A collaborative approach to storytelling, fueled by the connections we’ve already made, and the ones we are yet to dream of. 

here, here, here will be directed by Katie Greenall with support from trainee assistant director Taiwo Oyebola.

Members of the Stratford East 2023/24 Young Company are: Fatima Abdullahi, Stella Blakeley, Dami Agbonin, Wisdom Charis, Kenny Cumino, Daniel Daszek-Green, Saqib Javaid, Abdul Jalloh, Zechariah Lovell, Georgi Milanov, Emma Monnickendam and Michael Oko. 

Age guidance: 14+