we all know how this ends.

25-27 July 2024
Stratford East

By Molly Taylor
Directed by Katie Greenall

Saff is in the middle (or should that be muddle) of her messy 20s; living in a Guardianship, holding down a clutch of jobs, and trying to carve out something that resembles a path. Seriously, where is she going??

Under pressure, she makes an unexpected career pivot into something ‘stable’… the death care industry.

But can she get her life on track whilst surrounded by death?

In a funeral home that is full of surprises, Saff comes up against a bunch of questions she never thought to ask herself. Who is she, who does she love, and what is really important in this brief shot at life?

A big-hearted new play about life, death, and all that stuff in between.

The Stratford East Young Company is a group of Young Artists who work together for just under a year with Director, Katie Greenall. The group work with industry professionals to develop their skills and nurture their talent. In collaboration with the writer, Molly Taylor, they develop a brand-new play for the Stratford East stage to share a story they want to tell.